News – July & August 2020

FileMaker CRM to Gmail and MailChimp Integration

Here are a couple of examples of what we have been able to help clients with recently. 

A year ago, we created a sales tracking database for a marketing company. Their business continued to grow and they were finding it more difficult to stay on top of emails and it took them away from the thing they loved, I.e. writing the copy and speaking with their customers.

During our most recent monthly check-in call, they asked us to integrate their database with their Gmail and MailChimp accounts, to improve their speed of response and to make sure they don’t miss any vital sales enquiries.

They wanted to set some criteria to automatically search for, for example, “send me details” or “unsubscribe”. 

When a new enquiry is received, they wanted the CRM to log that email, send out an automatic response, create a new contact and also send details of that contact to MailChimp. 

Sales details are now corralled in one place and can be actioned quickly, knowing that the boring data entry has been done. 

The client has saved an hour a day not having to do all that data processing and can simply get on with their day and let the CRM worry about all the enquiries. 

Community Car Scheme

We were approached by a local community car scheme to create a way for them to run their operations. 

They needed to be able to keep details of members, a list of drivers, then when a member needs to book a journey to find an appropriate driver to pick them up.

Some members will have different abilities and needs. Some have oxygen tanks, wheelchairs,  limited movement, that sort of thing. 

Journey distance and cost needed to be easily calculated. 

Drivers, as they are volunteers are only allowed a set number of miles each year, so this needs to be tracked. 

They want a history of journeys that was needed for compliance. Secure notes were also needed, but would only be revealed when required.

Co-ordinators would be volunteers. So an easy at-a-glance way of seeing journey status was key. 

So the charity have gone from worrying about compliance, not being able to keep track of payments and having lists of drivers and members all unconnected to being able to see at-a-glance the day’s journeys and have instant access to all historical bookings and job sheets. 

How much time has this saved them? We estimate they’re saving two hours per day on administration tasks, giving their volunteers more time to help their members

Using Claris FileMaker Pro software, we have utilised their huge discount for registered charities, making this a really affordable way of streamlining their systems.

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