The Sussex Sign Company

After 25 years of making signs for virtually every business in Sussex, and plenty more outside, The Sussex Sign Company are at the forefront of their field, and remain "nice people to do business with."

What they excel at is making signs, and sign-writing vehicles.

What they want to also excel at is keeping their customers coming back for more, year after year and they required a custom CRM database.

Norman said - “We've looked at a lot of these, but they seem much more complicated than we need" 

The Brief

We were approached to create a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system.

They wanted to see a list of clients, a way of highlighting when customers were contacted and flagging when they should be contacted again.

They also wanted a simple way of taking a sales enquiry so a job sheet could be created and passed to the designers.

What We Did

We created an entirely bespoke system, for the sales team to log in each day, and work through the current list of clients. Log each call at the click of a button, make any notes, and book in any more jobs that are required.

A separate section for the manager to easily see each sales person's progress, and set their KPIs each day.

Sales CRM example

How We Did

Norman puts it best...

"What we love about the system is its simplicity. My sales team were able to start working with it after a quick 5-minute briefing. It just makes sense. Obvious buttons doing tasks that we need. Everything we need is there, and we haven't paid for a lot of extra functions that we will never use