Question and Answer

What kind of businesses can benefit?

If off the shelf packages are either too costly or not quite what you need, practically every business, no matter what size, would benefit from having a custom app.

How much do your business solutions cost?

From the simplest solutions which could be as little as a few hundred pounds, right up to full office suites that could cost many thousands, our digital solutions are competitively priced considering they will be unique to your business needs. We save our clients time and money by spending time finding out what your needs are before we start designing the system. Once we understand your needs and goals, we will show you the options we think will best fit your needs.

How long does a custom app take to build?

From half a day to ongoing projects that take many weeks; much depends on the size of the project. We would discuss this with you at the outset and we would determine a project timeline to ensure the job is completed to time and within budget. There are many details involved in the build and we will do our best to explain what we are doing

How do you start?

We come to you, look at your unique business requirements, speak with the people who will be using the software, and ask you what you want. We recommend starting small - this enables workers to get a feel for the new software, and appreciate the benefits. As it gets embraced, so it can be added to and further developed, creating a robust platform for you and your staff to use.

Can the app interact with 3rd party applications?

Yes, iCal, Outlook and accounts packages such as Sage, Quickbooks and Xero all have third-party software add-ons that can be configured as part of the overall application

Can it take the place of accounting software?

It can work with accounting software and tell you how many orders you took this month in an instant, or what invoices are outstanding, for whatever date range you require. It can then generate a report automatically for you from all the data you have input.