How a bespoke app solved PlusX’s parking admin nightmare

30 parking spaces for 300+ members

Before –50-60 emails daily about car parking

New app saves 5+ hours of staff time per day

£15,000 ROI in staff costs per year

Alex Young, Location Manager

PlusX Brighton is an innovation hub with shared workspaces and specialist features, including a prototyping workshop and media suites, and regular events to help businesses grow

The challenge: Managing car park bookings manually was time-consuming and stressful

Since opening in June 2020, PlusX Brighton has become extremely popular as an innovative space for business growth and coworking. 

But while surrounding construction work is completed, PlusX has a temporary car park with just 30 spaces available for over 300 members, and no entry barrier. PlusX staff were managing bookings for the parking spaces manually. 

Alex Young, PlusX Location Manager, recalls: 

“It was a nightmare. We were getting 50-60 emails a day from members asking to book parking, and we were trying to manage it with a spreadsheet. People could only book up to 24 hours in advance, so they could get really stressed if you hadn’t replied to them immediately, because they’re trying to plan their day.” 

Mornings are always a busy time for PlusX’s front-of-house team as they greet members arriving, welcome visitors, receive packages, and troubleshoot issues arising. Dealing with the daily torrent of parking request emails put considerable extra pressure on staff. 

“It was a mad rush. I’d allocate two people for a couple of hours from 9am solely to work through the parking emails,” Alex explains. 

“Front desk staff were getting a lot of stick, and that was stressful for them. Their focus needed to be on the people in front of them, not on parking emails. I was desperate to find a solution.”

The solution: A bespoke app enabling members to book car parking directly

A PlusX member suggested Alex speak to Storganise, who create custom software and bespoke apps for small businesses. 

“James at Storganise said, ‘yes, we can easily implement something that’s going to make your lives easier,’ and they put together an amazing proposal. They said they could turn it around in a week, which just blew my mind because I thought it would take months.”

Storganise created an online system which enables PlusX members to log in, check parking availability for the coming week, and book directly. 

Alex was impressed with the smooth development and roll-out process. “Storganise put it together, we beta tested it, and everyone was happy. It’s all so user friendly, and the system just manages itself. And Storganise even downloaded our brand colours and fonts without us specifying that they needed to.” 

“Storganise were such a joy to work with. They went above and beyond and delivered the app extremely quickly, then trained our team for free. And any time we’ve had questions or there’s been a tiny glitch, they’ve responded immediately.”

The results: £15k ROI in staff costs plus happier members and staff

The new parking app was an instant success from the day it went live. “My team were immediately freed up because they weren’t getting parking emails, and the members are a lot happier. 

“The new system is a lot more empowering for our members because they can easily see if there are spaces available and book themselves in, so they can plan their week. It also means that members don’t have to constantly be notified when the car park’s full, which used to get annoying for non-drivers.

“What’s really interesting is that now we actually have more members and the same amount of parking spaces – yet no-one complains about parking.”

No longer having to deal with parking emails has had an enormous impact on PlusX’s front desk staff. 

“We’ve saved a minimum of five hours a day across the team. And they’re all just a lot less stressed. When they arrive in the morning they can focus on being helpful and friendly to people, and not have to worry about what’s piling up in the inbox.” 

“The return on investment of the new system is easily £15,000 a year on staff costs, giving those hours back to use on something else. Other benefits are hard to quantify, like reduced stress for staff and members. And being able to sell memberships with the bonus of a user-friendly parking system.” 

Alex has nothing but praise for the whole experience of working with Storganise. “I’d say to anyone considering working with them: do it! They are the loveliest, most motivated and hard-working people. I couldn’t recommend them more.”

Can your inefficient business processes be solved with a bespoke app? 

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