Online Storage

Let us organise your storage and filing

We help businesses collate, store and use data through customised databases which manage information related to their business or area of interest. This bespoke software, database or custom app, stores the information that is specific to the needs of each business.

If you already have storage and need it organised or, if you would like to start from scratch, we can come to you, box all of your things, catalogue everything to your required level of detail and provide you with a bespoke database of all of your stored contents.

We will sort, catalogue, barcode and photograph all of your files and items including documents, recordings, soundtracks, data, film, video, tapes, etc. The online information is structured and organised in a way that is easy for you to access, wherever and whenever you wish. It can be kept digitally secure on the Cloud or your own server.

Working in partnership with local storage companies, we can develop systems to retrieve specific items from storage quickly and effortlessly.

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Musicians recording music

Our custom app for online storage and management is the ideal business solution for production companies; music and tour promoters; artists, writers and composers; museums and galleries; customer management; schools and educational establishments; HR & resource management; public relations agencies; research establishments and more.

Whether your company is customer focused, or businesses focused, there is a wide range of benefits which can save staff hours of time by linking data across your company. Information only has to be input once, and this can then be accessed by any departments wherever they are located across the world and, on any mobile device, laptop or PC they use. Filing becomes effortless. Repetitive tasks are undertaken at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger.

If you are interested in our smart custom apps to solve your storage problems, or to create a living catalogue or lasting archive, please email us some details and we will get in touch.