We like to be green?

We at Storganise towers like to be green. It’s not a statement of intent, or an empty corporate claim, it’s just the way we go about our lives. Half of our fleet of cars is a Nissan Leaf. We would have gone 100% electric, but the other half of the fleet has to get us … Continue reading “We like to be green?”

Can You Have Too Much Tech?

I was on holiday last week. I took the brave decision to turn my phone off during the day, and just check it once each night to see if anything important needed my attention. Could you have too much tech? Being a small business owner, I don’t turn off entirely for a week; would a … Continue reading “Can You Have Too Much Tech?”

People ask me ‘What do you do?’

I write software, mostly for Macs, mostly for the entertainment industry, but that is because I like Macs and everyone knows I work in the entertainment industry. The stuff I do works as well on PCs and for people who don’t turn up to work on a unicycle. Software is the road map your computer … Continue reading “People ask me ‘What do you do?’”

Never Give Up

We have a house rabbit. We wanted to be quirky and hipster, but I’m too old and didn’t want a beard – so we got a house rabbit who taught me to never give up. He’s called Cookie, hops around the house and occasionally retires to his hutch fitted into one of the kitchen cupboards … Continue reading “Never Give Up”