News – July & August 2020

FileMaker CRM to Gmail and MailChimp Integration Here are a couple of examples of what we have been able to help clients with recently.  A year ago, we created a sales tracking database for a marketing company. Their business continued to grow and they were finding it more difficult to stay on top of emails … Continue reading “News – July & August 2020”

Lockdown Networking

While we have not been furloughed, like most businesses we have been quietly working our way through lockdown, and have utilised our time making a lot of new contacts and spreading our network a bit. After a prod from “Bitesize Learning – Niche Your Business” we realised our Niche has always been creating beautiful software … Continue reading “Lockdown Networking”

Parkinson’s Law

“Work expands to fill the time available” Parkinson’s Law. Or written another way by Horstman, “Work contracts to fit the time we give it”. Here is an example of a typical day for many workers. 10 am – You get given a task, and mentally think it will take 2 hours to complete. Fired up … Continue reading “Parkinson’s Law”

Virtual Networking

We are all having to embrace our inner ‘tech nerd’ and use virtual networking and other technologies. Since we have all gone into social isolation we are having to learn to utilise technologies that businesses have tried to embrace for decades.  Twenty years ago, video-conferencing always seemed so stilted so companies that had tried to … Continue reading “Virtual Networking”

Remote Working solutions

We have all been told to work remotely, from home, where possible. For a lot of people that is impossible, but for those of us that can, we are going to need a way of connecting to the office. A lot of offices have sorted remote working already, and it really isn’t rocket science, but … Continue reading “Remote Working solutions”

Case Study – The Sussex Sign Company

After 25 years of making signs for virtually every business in Sussex, and plenty more outside, The Sussex Sign Company are at the forefront of their field, and remain “nice people to do business with.” This case study explains our bespoke custom app for their CRM. What they excel at is making signs, and sign-writing … Continue reading “Case Study – The Sussex Sign Company”

Spring Cleaning our website

New year and a slightly new our website for Storganise. Since 1979, The Plain English Campaign’s aim has been to reduce gobbledygook, jargon and misleading public information. We have updated our website to communicate clearly what we do and reduce the flimflam. We are mostly working for micro, small and medium companies. That’s not to … Continue reading “Spring Cleaning our website”

Portfolio Careers Presentation

James gave a presentation on portfolio careers this morning, 5 February, to Newhaven Chamber of Commerce, and we thought you all might like to see a little of what they get up to at the morning breakfasts. Many of you now know me as a Software Developer but most of my working life has been … Continue reading “Portfolio Careers Presentation”

We like to be green?

We at Storganise towers like to be green. It’s not a statement of intent, or an empty corporate claim, it’s just the way we go about our lives. Half of our fleet of cars is a Nissan Leaf. We would have gone 100% electric, but the other half of the fleet has to get us … Continue reading “We like to be green?”

Can You Have Too Much Tech?

I was on holiday last week. I took the brave decision to turn my phone off during the day, and just check it once each night to see if anything important needed my attention. Could you have too much tech? Being a small business owner, I don’t turn off entirely for a week; would a … Continue reading “Can You Have Too Much Tech?”