Mick Perrin Worldwide Ltd – International Comedy Promoters

Mick Perrin Worldwide promote comedy in over 50 different countries around the world in the Arena and Theatre touring market.

Over the last 15 years, MPW has produced major UK and international tours for numerous top acts, as well as attracting artists wishing to tour internationally. In 2003 Mick Perrin was the first promoter to tour live stand-up comedy in UK Arenas with Eddie Izzard’s SEXY tour.

MPW have a large presence at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a varied roster of emerging international and UK talent.

The Brief

Create an improved way of creating new tours, keeping venue records up to date and take away the pain of copying and pasting so many spreadsheets.

Allow multiple people to share the same records, and work on them at the same time.

Create an archive of tour data for historical purposes, to track sales history, deals made and tickets sold.

The starting point had always been a spreadsheet, where a list of tour dates was created.

  • Then contact venues of the appropriate size to see if they would like a date. 
  • Lots of to-ing and fro-ing later and a list of dates with the towns and venue names have been created.

These dates get copied, and another spreadsheet is made for all the marketing contacts

  • Contact them for their confirmed details for print deliveries, and the number of flyers and posters they want. 
  • Weekly sales need to be collated, informing how it’s selling. 

Copy the dates again and create another spreadsheet to send to the Tour Manager

  • Technicians need to be contacted so they know if the tour is bringing any set, or have any specific sound and lighting requirements. 
  • Hotels and travel need to be booked for each venue. 

And that’s for each tour. 

Each season would have around 30-40 tours - that’s a lot of spreadsheets! 

What We Did

We developed a custom application, tailored to the tour company’s needs, consolidating information from various sources clearly and logically. 

We created a dashboard, to allow instant searches for existing tours by artist, dates, venues etc.

New Tours could now be created at the touch of a button, which allowed setting of a start and end date, Artist and tour name. A tour schedule was automatically created with empty dates to fill. As these were populated, so the Marketing, Print and Tech schedules were also created, saving hours of admin and not a single copy and paste required. 

If towns were already in the database, they would auto-fill as the user typed, and the available Venues for that town would then appear. Data such as Seating Capacity, Booker Name and Email, Marketing Contact, previous sales etc… would all appear instantly once the venue had been chosen.

Crucially, as information changed (staff moving on, phone numbers changing, audience size growing or shrinking) this would be updated throughout the database.

All this facilitated the transfer of information seamlessly, and often automatically, between the Promoter, the venues and the Tour Manager.

Music event custom app on Filemaker

How We Did

We’ll let Nick, one of the promoters, tell it his way…

’James designed our database to link together the various processes of our business. 

His work was a three-stage process; ascertaining our requirements from the systems we already had in place;

designing a database that gives a safe system of work that maximises productivity and minimises the risk of mistakes and then, refining the database as we use it if required.’

‘We now use this database throughout the business structure and process - bringing together all departments seamlessly and allowing all employees to use the system simultaneously. 

The database allows us to analyse large amounts of data and options quickly - adding information easily at all stages of the process to improve communication. 

It allows us to see what deals were made with previous venues, how we sold, what costs were involved etc... so we are able to learn and adapt. 

The system now automates the production of various documents and schedules - each individually tailored according to our needs, saving a large amount of time for all concerned. 

It’s linked to our financial package and allows our accounts department to be fully integrated within the entire process of any project.’

‘As a company, we now rely on the database for our working process, and it’s difficult to imagine how we got by without it! ‘

Nick Handford, Promoter, Mick Perrin Worldwide 

‘As a tour manager, the database has become an invaluable tool in prepping shows from the smallest UK studio theatre tour to international arena tours.’

Sarah Johnson, Tour Manager, Mick Perrin Worldwide

If you are a producer or tour company and would like to know more about the databases and software integrations, please contact us here.