How Lyra Group save 40+ hours a week with Storganise bespoke software


pieces of equipment to track and manage

40+ hours

admin time saved per week


less time spent on inventory admin

Louise Grant, Group Head of Business Operations

The Lyra Group provides a wide range of health and safety services through its three businesses: Alpha Training Safety Solutions Limited, Rescue 2, and Face Fit Testing UK

The challenge: Managing 1000s of equipment items required vast amounts of time and admin

With 150 technicians delivering training and support across the UK, plus 20 head office staff, the Lyra Group has to keep track of 8,000-9,000 pieces of equipment. This includes frequent, extensive checks to ensure regulatory compliance and quality control. 

Monitoring equipment and keeping accurate records is a colossal job, but crucial. Louise Grant, Group Head of Business Operations, explains:

“If the right equipment isn’t with the trainer on the right day, in the right place, they can’t deliver the training. And that would have a massive impact on customer relationships. Or if we turned up at a site with out-of-date kit, that would affect our credibility and reputation.”

But as the Lyra Group grew, its outdated resource management system struggled to cope. 

“It was a standalone system, with no backup, no development, and no opportunity to go online. We couldn’t generate reports without manipulating massive amounts of raw data using CSV exports. As we got bigger, the opportunities for it to break got more and more evident.” 

The lack of an effective, centralised system generated an admin tsunami. Lyra staff spent endless time manually copying and re-entering the same information between various hand-written records, spreadsheets, and Word docs. It was cumbersome and inefficient. 

The solution: A bespoke resource management system that meets all Lyra Group’s needs

Searching for a better resource management system, Louise was recommended Storganise, who build custom software for small businesses. 

“James just got it, from day one. He listened, he understood, and he was very clear about what Storganise could deliver. The proposal document was easy to understand, with clarity around the fees and no hidden charges.”

Storganise designed a cloud-based resource management system for Lyra Group. It incorporates a centralised database with built-in workflow, analysis, and reporting features tailored to Lyra’s specific requirements. 

The new bespoke software system ticks all the boxes Lyra Group needed: centralised data management, remote access, streamlined workflows and reporting, access control, and future-proof.

Storganise provided ongoing support while Lyra staff got familiar with the new system. Louise appreciated their responsiveness. 

“A couple of times we rang James up and said, ‘This isn’t working quite right, what do we do?’ And it’s not like, ‘Oh, take a ticket number and come back to me in three hours.’ James looked at it and said, ‘I know exactly what’s wrong there.’ Boom, sorted it. Ten seconds later it was back up to speed again.”

The results: Efficiency gains from the bespoke software save the time of at least one full-time person

Lyra Group staff are delighted with how much easier and faster the new system has made many daily tasks – or eliminated them entirely.

Now, each piece of equipment gets a unique identifier when first logged in the system, which tracks whenever that item is used or checked. 

Because all data is stored in one place, staff can instantly pull up each item’s details, history, and location. And easily generate the equipment lists, inventory certificates, and reports they need. 

The bespoke software has slashed time spent on laboriously re-entering, checking, and analysing data, and minimised opportunities for mistakes to creep in.

“Having the new system is saving the time of at least one full-time person. Before, we were looking at employing another admin assistant purely to do paperwork. But now we don’t need to.”

The inventory process is transformed. Once a resource technician has inspected a vehicle’s kit, with just one click they can select all 400-odd items on a pre-populated checklist and confirm the date. This automatically generates inventory certificates for each item. The system also flags when an item’s certification is due to expire.

“What previously took 3-4 hours now takes 5 minutes. We do 10 inventories a week, so that alone is saving 30-40 hours a week of admin. That was a big lightbulb moment.”

Lyra Group are planning further system upgrades through Storganise.

“I’d highly recommend Storganise. James and his team are so easy to deal with. They did everything really well – timelines, communications, pricing, delivery. It’s a pleasure to work with a supplier who listens and delivers what they promised.”

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