Job Tracking

Introducing... The Job Tracking Package

Are you running a business by allocating jobs to your staff?
Are you looking to...

Save Time
Become More Organised
Standardise Practices

With our Job Tracking Package your company can do all of that… and a whole lot more.

Let's say you organise your staff's working day by creating Jobs, or Tasks, or Rotas

You then allocate staff to each of these jobs

At the end of each shift, the staff report back 

Currently this is all done in Word and Excel

You notify your staff weekly by email, then update them by text messages when things change

Why you should consider upgrading your day with the Job Tracking Package

Our software makes it possible for you to do all of your tasks in a productive, cost-effective, and stress-free way

If you have ever sat in front of a computer and thought..."There has to be a better way of doing this"... Then read on.


Here's what we do, and why it works...

  • We identify inefficiencies in your current system and agree new goals
  • We create an adaptable and tailored system that integrates seamlessly into your current working practices
  • We solve existing issues, eliminating errors, saving you time and money

All of our packages include....

  • Free initial consultation and assessment of your own specific needs
  • A bespoke branded design to fit in with the way you work
  • A cloud-based application that can be accessed using a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad
  • A two-week bedding-in period of free bug fixes, small amendments 
  • A simple and clear instruction manual
  • Export of all data to Excel
  • Print of forms to paper, PDF or as an email attachment
  • No working down-time. Typically installation takes 10 minutes
  • No new system to learn - it is based on the way you currently work so will feel intuitive
  • Repetitive data entry is removed reducing human error
  • Add value to your business by having your very own software system

Want to add in some new features?

  • Maybe you have started to employ sales people and you want to turn your contacts into a CRM system.
  • You want to automate that same task you have to do every week, every day, every hour!
  • Your business is going in a different direction and you need to have a second version, but with different design and options

No, problem – you're never more than a phone call away from getting help, advice and ideas.

We offer a service agreement which allows you to have priority response times and discounted development, allowing little tweaks and changes without having to worry about extra expense.

The Investment

We create all applications using Claris FileMaker Pro software. We charge for our development, and are also able to include FileMaker Pro software  and an SSL certificate to encrypt your data between you and the cloud.

Call or email to book your free Software Organisational Review and see where you can be saving time, money, and hassle

07720 894129 or info@storganise.co.uk