The Brief

Robobuild was one of George Michael’s companies, it runs today managing the extensive catalogue he left behind. 

As with all artists when they are starting out, forward planning for an extensive international career was not something put in place when Wham! first began, and the archive, or back-catalogue, was kept in multiple locations all over the world.

They asked us to create a way of collating their extensive records, that allowed for easy identification and then retrieval. 

Michelle May runs the London office...

‘Before we employed Storganise, different items were kept in multiple storage areas, and we often didn’t know what we had or where it was.’ 

What We Did

We worked with Robobuild to design a simple user-interface making the job of finding recordings effortless. 

We included an MP3 encoder so the recordings could have their own audio "thumbnail" - this can be sent to the requestor to check to see if it is the correct version.

Links to either a central online database, or an office-based NAS system were included.

Barcode creation was included, and a simple printing system so recordings could be logged quickly.

We then gathered all of the physical recordings from their many different locations, photographed and/or scanned them, added barcodes, digitised the recordings, and re-stored the originals in a centralised location.

Each record in the database now has a collection of high-resolution images, an MP3 version of the recording, and a link to a secure downloadable location where the digitised recording can be accessed.

Michelle again...

After a comprehensive sort out, we now have a complete database of all our filing, recordings and merchandise as well as a separate Inventory of all our equipment. Now, when we are asked for a specific recording in any format, we can find it instantly, and have it in the office in 2 hours. 

Having everything centrally organised like this has saved hours of searching.

How We Did

We like the Storganise layout as it is both easy to use and adaptable to how we want it to work.said Michelle.

We continue to work with Robobuild, refining the system as needed and adding in recordings from other sources as they become available.