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A working Filemaker Pro system in minutes

Jenny Horscraft is the Managing Director of which creates Memory Books for bereaved military families across the UK, as well as Military charities, wounded service personnel & veterans. They also write for those affected by dementia, Altzheimer's disease and family bereavement.

'I'm so pleased I was recommended Storganise to help me with my client spreadsheets, which were unorganised and certainly counter-productive.' said Jenny

'James not only helped me find a more efficient way of working, he provided me with a user-friendly and, more importantly, highly effective system that has reduced my workload and increased my headspace!

I would recommend Storganise to anyone who needs to spend less time sorting out their work by using a more streamlined easy-to-use system that is specific to their company's internal structure.

Thank you James. You've saved me hours upon hours of needless frustration!'


Hours of searching saved with a comprehensive online inventory

Robobuild Ltd is an international Music Management Company who, before calling us to storganise their systems, admitted their records needed considerable attention.

‘Before we employed Storganise, our records were in a bit of a mess’ said Michelle May. ‘Different items were kept in multiple storage areas, and we didn’t know what we had or where it was.’

‘After a comprehensive sort out, we now have a complete database of all our filing, recordings and merchandise as well as a separate Inventory of all our touring equipment. Now, when we are asked for a specific recording in any format, we can find it instantly and have it in the office in 2 hours.'

Having everything centrally organised like this has saved hours of searching. Also, we can easily add items to the database, so that moving forwards our storage will remain ordered.’ Robobuild also found that the option for exporting a valuation list of all of their equipment was particularly useful when it came to supplying insurance details each year.

‘We like the Storganise layout as it is both easy to use and adaptable to how we want it to work.’ said Michelle.

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A bespoke database tailored to business needs

This case study, for Mick Perrin Worldwide, provides an overview from two different perspectives – the Tour Manager and the Promoter. Sarah Johnson, Tour Manager for an International Comedy Promoter, said, ‘As a tour manager the database has become an invaluable tool in prepping shows from the smallest UK studio theatre tour to international arena tours.' Storganise developed a bespoke database, tailored to the tour company’s needs, consolidating information from various sources clearly and logically. This facilitated the transfer of information seamlessly, and often automatically, between the Promoter, the venues and the Tour Manager. Previously, tour managers had to create Tour Books for each job using data sent to them in a spreadsheet from the Promoter. This allowed for mistakes and inconsistencies and cost the company many days extra in prep time. This function was added into the Storganise system and now creates tour books automatically using the data that has already been input. 'Creating a tour book facility reduced the amount of data that was input which reduced workload significantly. This was vital for the many occasions when prep time is limited. James' occasional pop-up messages to have a cup of tea also don't go amiss when deadlines are looming!’ said Sarah. ‘James designed our database to link together the various processes of our business. His work was a three stage process; ascertaining our requirements from the systems we already had in place; designing a database that gives a safe system of work that maximises productivity and minimises the risk of mistakes and then, refining the database as we use it if required.’ stated Nick Handford, Promoter.

‘We now use this database throughout the business structure and process - bringing together all departments seamlessly and allowing all employees to use the system simultaneously. The database allows us to analyse large amounts of data and options quickly - adding information easily at all stages of the process to improve communication. It allows us to see what deals were made with previous venues, how we sold, what costs were involved etc... so we are able to learn and adapt. Furthermore, the system now automates the production of various documents and schedules - each individually tailored according to our needs, saving a large amount of time for all concerned. The system is linked to our financial package and allows our accounts department to be fully integrated within the entire process of any project.’

‘As a company, we now rely on the database for our working process, and it’s difficult to imagine how we got by without it! '

Nick Handford, Promoter, Mick Perrin Worldwide
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