Business Solutions

The benefits to business of a custom app solution

Storganise design custom database solutions for small to medium businesses as well as entrepreneurs and sole proprietors. Instead of relying on spreadsheets, multiple applications and forms, you can link your teams through interactive dashboards and provide them with reports on the spot, wherever they are located. Our developers can increase your business productivity by designing a bespoke Filemaker Pro database/Custom app solution to manage specific tasks effectively and efficiently, leading to increased employee productivity, cost savings and increased customer satisfaction. The bespoke solutions are secure and data-driven. They can be shared by working groups and departments, integrated with existing business systems and processes to reduce response times to customers. Your teams can access data whenever they need it, sharing and viewing vital and up-to-the-minute business data wherever your staff, warehouses, shops and businesses are located. Everyone remains connected – employees, sales teams and clients. Special requests and enquiries can be responded to quickly, and remote access makes it possible to do more business in less time.

Keep track of ongoing projects easily

Whether you are a large or small company and, if your business has numerous projects on the go at any one time, with staff working with customer information, tracking distribution and managing stock, we can offer you a more efficient and cost-effective solution to share information.  One application which can be viewed anywhere and on multiple devices (PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and web browsers), quickly and easily. A Filemaker Pro solution works across different platforms. Data files, images, audio files, spreadsheets and accounts packages can be viewed on desktops, PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and iOS devices. Users benefit from full contact management including email and mail merges, CMS systems, quotations, invoice generation, order tracking and control, stock control, detailed reporting, workflow and document control. If you have a project you would like to discuss; please contact us for a free consultation.

Filemaker Pro can be adapted for all types of business solutions

If you are involved in engineering, every part, every component and design is subject to a rigorous inspection process. We know that there is always a huge amount of data to collate, collect, organise and sort which is why a custom database/app solution might be just the opportunity you need to help streamline your workflows. As certified developers, Storganise can design a solution, accessible from a dashboard, which would allow you to control logistics, manufacture, parts, customer service and sales. If you have a company with regional offices working independently from one another and, compile data via different databases, it is a mammoth task to generate reports quickly or, to keep on top of new regulations and compliance. The advantage of using a custom-built app would consolidate your information; reduce staff time and improve workflows across the company. The app would be built to meet your organisation’s specific needs, reducing hours of unnecessary energy searching for papers, results, reports and other data giving everyone access to accurate and timely information.

Production and management companies

Production companies manage complex projects involving large numbers of people and resources, all of which need to be tracked and monitored. Flexible bespoke systems can be developed to track production data, exchanging information across existing databases and generating reports. Read more in our Mick Perrin Worldwide case study.

Mobile business solutions for sales teams

Suited to all kinds of industries from manufacturing to pharmaceutical A Filemaker Pro database/custom app solution works for all sales orientated businesses ensuring your product catalogues are available to sales teams, at the push of a button, on their iPads, laptops or any other device. Armed with the latest information, numbers in stock, the ability for enhanced signature capture and the latest electronic sales brochures, your executive team members can instantly email copies directly to the customer, enhancing your company’s reputation and credibility.  These can all be developed as part of your business solution, including stock control, production line, quotations, invoicing, workflow, tracking and reporting. Our bespoke applications compliment and integrate with your existing workflows and software giving your salesforce 24-hour access to literature, photographs and online catalogues to improve customer relationships and ultimately your bottom line.

Managing subscriptions and donations within the Charity Sector

Charities are frequently looking for new systems to cope with a complex array of subscriptions and donations which are vital to funding success. A custom built app or system can be built specifically to store and track all forms of contact. These might arise from street collections, charity shops or online donations; through service users or volunteers donations; via trusts, statutory authorities or through legacies. Keeping a database up-to-date and ensuring the system is efficient, managing the contact list, tracking donations and running mail-merges and mail shots can be time and staff-consuming with clunky software. All of these tasks can be managed with a custom built application which would free up staff time and give your busy employees the facility to update and access the database at any location or site.

Providing real-time access to patient information in the health care sector, NHS and private practices

There are countless opportunities, in the health care sector, to reduce staff time and organise paperwork combining patients' paper records, appointment schedules, medication and consultants’ notes. A custom app could provide staff with 24-hour access to their patients’ records, x-rays, MRI scans, test results and clinical records – all from one dashboard. Patients' records would always be up-to-date and their medical history accessible for all healthcare professionals and consultants wherever they are based. Streamlining patient care and cutting hours of unnecessary admin time.

Business solution for craft brewery

Our custom app business solutions can also assist businesses such as a craft brewery who would like to keep track of their barrels. A Filemaker application can generate the labels to include:
  • Barrel size
  • Type of beer
  • Barcodes
  • Shipping destination
  • ID
Brewery workers would scan the barcodes to ensure the correct fill and shipping at the production and warehouse stages. When the barrels are returned, the barcode is scanned, the original label removed and the process starts afresh. Using an application in this manner, a craft brewery is just an example, can eliminate losses thanks to a more efficient system. The added bonus is that both warehouse and factory workers would be comfortable using an iPad and barcode reader.

Database apps for schools and colleges

Schools and colleges process a huge amount of information; managing these volumes requires a robust and easy-to-use system. One such school that uses Filemaker is Cheltenham College Junior School, who manage their parental information, newsletters, risk assessments and school trips, within a custom app which has made it easy for the school to reach parents with urgent messages and vital information quickly. Parents can be contacted, and can reply, on whatever device they own – iPhone, iPad, iOS, Mac or PC. There are no compatibility issues. If you would like to learn more about the benefits to the school visit here At the Berklee College of Music their app supports the recruitment of over 7,000 applicants from six continents and the admission process is all managed with Filemaker Pro. Included within their solution are auditions, online applications, schedules and student IDs. They manage the recruitment on the road with a local copy of the database on their iPads or tablets even without an internet connection. When back in reach, the app updates the core database which is accessible to all recruiters. An efficient, productive and easy way to organise and manage data across distances. If you would like to discuss the potential for your school or college, please contact us for a free consultation.
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