About us

James and Jenny Kelly established Storganise to provide businesses with a solution that works across platforms, automates daily tasks, creates reports, itineraries, forms and contacts to save hours of work.

If you are looking to implement a system that works faster, smarter and more efficiently, please contact us and ask for more details. Initial consultations are free of charge. Storganise use experienced and certified FileMaker developers. Storganise are members of the Filemaker Business Alliance and, as such, can supply the correct software package directly to clients.

James Kelly

Coming from a background in the Music industry, James Kelly is a six times certified FileMaker developer. He gets an enormous kick out of saving people time and effort in their every-day work. He’s swapped the tour bus for a quiet office in Brighton, that looks like the controls of the star ship enterprise.

Jenny Kelly

Jenny will translate all those one’s and zero’s into something normal human beings can understand and want to use.

Benefits of the iOS friendly, Mac & PC compatible business solutions

  • - One core system custom built to your requirements
  • - Easy access from iPad and iPhone
  • - Cloud hosting enables sharing of information easily with your team
  • - Create reports instantly
  • - Data secure
  • - Reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks