How to Cure 5 of your Biggest Business Headaches

In this two-minute read, we look at how affordable bespoke software provides welcome relief to small business owners.

  1. Say farewell to late invoicing.

Cash is king, and if there’s no flow to your dough, your business won’t run as well as it could, and your life will be more stressful. The easiest way to improve cash flow is to invoice on time, every time. We get it, you’re busy, and you have 101 different jobs to do, including invoicing. But our software is designed around you and will help you invoice easily and efficiently – because you want to get paid as quickly as possible.

  1. Ditch the double handling of data.

Time is money. And the more time you spend doing something, the more costly it is. That’s multiplied when the time is spent on duplicated tasks like data being input several times in different places. We believe your software should be designed to free up your time, so you focus on what you are great at and what brings in the money. Our software means you’ll never have to double enter details again.

  1. Avoid Spreadsheet Overload Syndrome

How many spreadsheets?! We listen to many small business owners who have spreadsheet fatigue. Excel is a great tool, but when your info is scattered all over the place, it can cause headaches and create service issues. With bespoke software, all those different data areas can be brought into one place where valuable information is at your fingertips.

  1. Speed up your processes

Every successful business, large or small, has two things in common – they have systems and processes. We can help systemise the processes that compliment your way of doing things. This can include speeding up the time it takes to book jobs in, recording staff hours and work rations and ensuring you never miss another important date or deadline. We take a lot of time to listen to clients about how they operate and design their software around those systems and processes. 

  1. Take Back Control

Many of the business owners we work with outgrew their original way of doing things. That’s why they called us in. A successful business can race ahead of systems if they aren’t updated. Our software saves entrepreneurs time, it reduces inefficiency and improves the service you can offer your customers. If your business feels like a runaway train, don’t despair – we know how to keep you on track and bring it back under control.

Would you like to see where your software system could be costing you time and money? 

Give us a call, or book a 30-minute zoom for a no-obligation audit of how your software is performing.

Thanks for reading and remember it’s your software so it should do what you want.

James and Jenny.

Does your business need a customised software solution?

FileMaker has been around since the late 1980s and is a valuable tool that is used by developers to create bespoke databases that can be packed full of features to reduce staff time and boring tasks. Customised software can help your business grow quicker, and data that was traditionally tied to PCs, can be instantly with your team, in the field.

Claris FileMaker is an Apple subsidiary and will be around for many years to come.

web app design

Easy to use applications and customised software

If any of the following take up many hours of your time, and you need an easy way to manage things, then a bespoke solution may be just what you require.

  • multiple contacts
  • invoicing
  • expenses
  • assets
  • production costs
  • stock and stock control
  • employees
  • customers
  • timesheets
  • data
  • custom forms
  • record keeping
  • reports
  • daily logs
  • inventory
  • quotations
  • payroll
  • CRM
  • Time management systems

At the click of a button, you can find a record, email a client with a quote, print mailing and asset labels, import and export information, fill forms and save hours of valuable time.

Creating a business system that your staff will find easy to use, manage and share data, will make your workforce more productive. We can lock down areas for different teams/departments; ensure data is not erased in error and integrate it with your own systems.

Business integration solutions

Writing apps and software for small or very large organisations means you don’t have to keep changing or upgrading your software.  It is versatile and intuitive to work with. Extra functionality can be added, and latest revisions keep up to date with security and interfaces with other apps you may use. The software is robust and keeps getting better year-on-year.

A cloud based application is ideal for multi-site environments.  We have been working with the software for over 20 years; There is nothing it can’t handle. It is very powerful and will handle a complex structure or a small mailing list.

It is lightyears ahead of Microsoft Access and competes with all top-level data solutions.

Cross-platform business software

If your business uses both Windows and OSX, we can develop applications to work across both platforms, saving your staff hours of wasted time. Any home-grown systems can be integrated, and the apps can be used across desktops, web browsers, tablets and all kinds of phones.

What you need to consider

You will need a license for the software, but this is low compared to alternatives which won’t necessarily match your needs or grow with your business as you expand. Dependent upon the project, you will need a development budget, but we can advise on exactly what you will need and following a discovery session, we will give you a quotation to match your requirements.

If you would like to discuss functions and features for your business or you would like to explore possibilities over a virtual coffee and find out how we can make your business more productive and future proof, please give us a call or fill in our assessment form and view our calendar for appointment times.