Lockdown Networking

While we have not been furloughed, like most businesses we have been quietly working our way through lockdown, and have utilised our time making a lot of new contacts and spreading our network a bit.

After a prod from “Bitesize Learning – Niche Your Business” we realised our Niche has always been creating beautiful software for the Entertainment industry.

A quick course in “Create Social Media Content With A Smartphone” has meant any event that happens has now become Instagram-worthy

“How to Get Referrals For Your Business” – Turns out that you should refer a lot of other businesses, and it comes back to you in spades!

“Brighton Chamber Daily Meet-Ups” – Meeting up with other small business owners has really helped to keep us sane.

“Slo-Mo Networking” – This has allowed more of a chance to get to know other business owners so that we are in a better position to recommend them when we speak to others.

“Brighton Festival Virtual Breakfast” – Keeping abreast of local events, and especially in our Niche market.

“Newhaven Chamber of Commerce Weekly Breakfasts” – Our local networking group are always on hand with great advice and support. The breakfasts might be missing, but the camaraderie abounds.

“FMBug Virtual Pub” – There is always a lot to fit in when we have our quarterly FileMaker developers’ meet-up, so this is a welcome addition to catch up more socially with the gang.

“Ridgeview Vineyard and Winery Behind The Scenes” – After all, not all events have to be work-focussed.

So here’s a call out to a lot of the businesses we have been speaking to and working with over these last few weeks. Thanks to all of you – it feels like a little community at the end of a zoom link.